Prevention of damage is one of the most important factors to consider in ensuring goods arrive at your customer in the condition they leave you. We offer alternative methods of product protection, suitable for anything from lightweight fragile goods to heavy industrial products.
Samples of all materials are available free of charge for testing purposes.
For further information or guidance in choosing the right option please contact us now on
01268 885886 or by email so we can help.

Carton Shredders

Save money, and be kind to the planet, by creating your own void fill. No more paying for collection, disposal and storage of boxes.

Air Cushions

Save costs on transport and storage with one of our Air Cushion systems. Biodegradable film, plug and play!

Paper Systems

Made from 100% waste paper, expanding up to 70 times its original volume, the SpeedMan paper system could be just what you need.